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Natural Gas Storage


The EIA releases its weekly natural gas storage report each Thursday at 10:30am EDT. The report provides a weekly barometer of natural gas supply and demand levels and is one of the major driving forces in the natural gas market. During the winter season, demand typically exceeds supply and natural gas is withdrawn from storage while during the summer season, supply typically exceeds demand and natural gas is injected into storage, much as a squirrel stashes acorns in advance of winter. Obviously, the capacity to gauge storage reports in advance lends an advantage in anticipating volatility and pricing patterns. The projection model on this site integrates temperature forecasts--the major driver of short-term gas demand--published pipeline flow data, and other variables including nuclear generator outages and short-term supply disruptions in order to project the next five storage reports. Projections are updated twice daily at 7am EDT and 8pm EDT. Projection data for each week--including a region-by-region breakdown and 5-week trend graph--can be accessed from the homepage or by clicking below.

Natural Gas Storage Projections

Disclaimer: Natural Gas Storage Projections, Intraday Natural Gas Stats, Morning Reports, and fundamental pricing models are released by Powerburn as experimental products. While they are intended to provide accurate, up-to-date data, they should not be used alone in making investment decisions, or decisions of any kind. Powerburn does not make an express or implied warranty of any kind regarding the data information including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use.

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